Unique Design Benefits of UCP Core Trays

Confirms to Safety Standards

UCP core trays all conform to the rigorous safety standards set out by various mines, quarries and other exploration bodies. This is to ensure users do not injure themselves while using UCP trays. As such, the trays have been designed to conceal all sharp edges and points and warning labels are present just in case.

Ergonomic Design

The design of UCP core trays is such that they are easily handled by users in the field, no matter the conditions. As with all core trays, moving them empty is no problem. However, once full, it is advisable that two people lift a single tray. Therefor, well placed hand holds are found at each edge and a lip is present down the length of each side of the tray.

Easy Core Access

UCP core trays have a half depth channel to store cores in. On the face, this may seem like a bad idea, as a full depth channel would seem to hold core samples together easier. However, half depth channels still can do the same, but also allows geologists to easily remove core samples from the tray to further observe samples. A task made difficult and risks damage with full depth channels.

No Cross Contamination

UCP core trays also prevent cross contmanination of material through water drainage. This is done by holes being placed at the end sides of each tray as opposed to directly at the bottom of them. The allows water to not only drain out quickly, but allows the water to leave out through the sides rather than onto the core samples below, as seen in the image above.


Space efficiency is an important factor when looking to store your core trays on site. Luckily, UCP core trays stack up on top another, drastically reducing the space taken up by trays and locking into place. This also allows them to be easily palletised for later transport off site when needed. The design ensures that the tray below another keeps the samples safe.

Easy Assembly

UCP set out to create a core tray that will both compact easier to reduce transport costs but assemble easy while on site with minimal equipment in a quick time. This is accomplished due to the unique design, the galavanised steel sheet is pre-shaped, allowing users to quickly snap on the plastic ends and knock them into place with a rubber mallet. 

Digital Text Label

The plastic ends of the UCP core trays are made from robust material and will survive knocks, drops and bumps. They also have an embossed start arrow on either side and digital font text spaces. This allows users to easily mark up the trays sequence with a code of your choice but also ensures that it is easily readable by other users, eliminating errors caused by hand writting.

Reduced Transport Costs

Due to the design of UCP core trays coming in parts. They are easily packed into boxes of 25 units, which can be stacked onto pallets and support them selves. This also reduces transport costs, allowing you to obtain more trays per pallet than pre-made trays. For example, a full, industry safe pallet can contain up to 300 trays. (ex lids).

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