UCP Core Tray Storage Pods

Designed by UCP Africa to assist with the storage and transport of UCP Core Trays. The storage pods can be stacked upto four units high with each pod holding upto 26 core trays (depending on the size). These storage pods are high quality and help improve the efficiency of on-site operations by decreasing transport time and increasing the storage capacity of your facility by allowing access to often under utilised vertical space. Additionally, these storage pods reduce the risk of injury to employees by removing the need to manually transport the core trays by hand.

Manufactured from formed, high tensile steel profiles for extra strength, longevity and durability. They feature removable uprights for easy transportation and storage as well as angle iron support brackets to hold the bottom core tray securely in place. Additional brackets ensure that the core trays do not get damaged with incorrect locating of the forklift’s forks. Furthermore, large foots mounts permit the easy stacking of the pods on top of each other. 

Four way access allows the pods to be stacked both length ways or sideways with circular caps ensuring the pods are stacked precisely vertical. Semi circular uprights fit around the corners of the core tray, holding the stacked trays in place.

There are many benefits to using storage pods in the field. These include:

  1. Increased transportability of core trays
  2. Reduced risk of trays being damaged in transit
  3. Significantly reduced cumulative load when handling core trays means a safer work environment.
  4. Improved efficiency of core tray flow
  5. Improved carrying capacity and safety of permanent permenant storage weather racking or stacking is used
  6. Maximise capacity of storage facility

UCP Core Tray Storage Pods are designed to stack on top of each other upto four units high. Each storage pod is able to fit a certain quanity of each size of tray. Those are as follows:

  1. 26 BQ Core Trays
  2. 18 NQ Core Trays
  3. 16 HQ Core Trays
  4. 12 PQ Core Trays
If you wish to enquire about Core Trays, Storage Pods, ScanIT, or other UCP Products, then contact us via email or phone.


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