Aside from core trays, UCP also offer a range of core she effeciencies to assist you on site to make them most out of often, limited storage space. Here, you can find information and specifications for storage pods. A unique and efficient way to stack core trays for both ease of access and future transport.

Highly efficient, extremely practical, easy to set up and use. This multipurpose archival core storage system, that can be used to transport the core trays to and from the drill site, to maneuver the core trays around the core shack, and serve as a permanent archival core storage system improving core shed capacity by 200% !

The pods can be used to safely transport the core trays to and from the drill site, either by vehicle all terrain forklifts, telehandlers or helicopter. They also have a standard four way entrance beneath them, ensuring fork machines or pallet jacks can get under from any direction. For greater security and protection of the core the core trays lids are used. The Pods are specially designed to fit on the back of a utility vehicle providing safe and secure transport of core trays from the drill site to the

When in the core shed, the pods eliminate the necessity for strapping the trays and is restricted to a maximum 650kg core per pod to conform to health and safety measures.

The core trays can be manually stacked into the pod with the pod on the back of the UTV, transported to site and then lifted off the vehicle using a forklift or pallet truck.

Manufactured from formed, high tensile steel profiles for extra strength, longevity and durability. The storage pods contain:

  • Removable uprights for easy assembly/dissasembly and storage and transport.
  • Angle iron support brackets, which firmly hold the bottom core tray securely in place
  • Additional beams beneath the pods ensure that the bottom of core trays is not accidentally damaged by incorrect locations of forklifts
  • Large footing mounts allow for the easy stacking of pods on top of each other,maximising space in core facilities even further.
  • Semi circular uprights ensure that the corners of the core trays fit snuggly into place and won’t move.
  • Circular caps locate precisely into the foot mounts of the pod placed above, allowing a secure stack.
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